Remote Work = New Normal

Recent events forced businesses around the world to re-examine their operations and strategies. Here’s how we can help you address upcoming challenges and reimagine possibilities in the new reality.

Challenge: Navigating #work-from-home Ops

Today there’s an the outbreak of self-claimed experts in setting up Work From Home IT environments. As remote-first organisation, we have some bad news for you: there’s no silver bullet solution.
Here’s what you should be wary of:
  • Measuring productivity requires completely different frameworks
  • Securing your environments and networks is hard, period
  • Some of your team members will start feeling alienated
  • Completely wild hiring and onboarding processes
  • Achieving true aligment will take longer than you think
  • Grinding IT & Business alignment is where your focus should be

Now some good news

Benefits from remote-enabled environment can be preeminent.
Also it doesn’t have to be scary if you follow some golden rules.

Propositions for Distributed Ops

Future of Work won’t be Remote-Only but Remote-Enabled

So don’t ditch your offices just yet, but be prepared for setting up distributed environment, if you haven’t done it already.

Don’t neglect Security and Compliance

In WFH environments, you have less control over devices, so step up securing your network and cloud premises.Things like 2FA and secure VPNs for remote access are a good start.

Grinding IT & Business Alignment is where your focus should be

It’s a non-stop, iterative process so take the continuous paradigms you know from software world and hand it overto your business people. Here are some Resources for start that can help.

Deliver Outcomes, not Outputs.

Make sure your metrics are oriented around Value Streams related to business requirements and make sure there are coordinated well with your portfolio objectives.