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EX stands for excellence

We are group of professionals and passionate talents, many of whom are internationally recognizable experts withing their respective domain. Our teamwork and curiosity drives our professional growth.

At Exlabs we teach, learn and on top of that – have lots of joy from working with our clients and playing with state-of-the-art technology.

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Our team is our biggest value

Exlabs is a team of extraordinarily motivated people with ambitions to create top-notch, data-driven applications. We together have created a place where experts and professionals thrive through solving challenges and striving for excellence, while working on complex projects.

What we hold near and dear?

be curious
Exceed expectations
Take ownership and don’t be afraid to make mistakes
Learn and pay it forward

How we get things done?

Value Driven Engineering

Set clear objectives and understand your "Why"

Design data layer

Start with a data, instead of letting it be ad-hoc driven

Model interconnections

Document connections with C4 model approach

Automate SDLC

Use CI/CD pipelines, code quality and security check automations

Agile iterations

Deliver solution in short iterations and measure results

Team owned solution

Cross-functional team can better track business needs and build required expertise