Digital healthcare with AI-powered
virtual GP practice assistant




NodeJS, ReactJS, Azure, Jenkins, AI Assistants


United Kingdom


While there has been a significant investment into a digital transformation of healthcare over the years, the area that consistently lagged behind was an effective and safe way for the patient and a health professional to communicate through the mobile channel. 

Our client, DoctorLink (part of Medvivo Group), made it their mission to change that.


Medvivo’s goal of connecting patients with their GP was constrained however by a series of procedural challenges such as effective data governance with the system facing comprehensive, regular code audits and being able to demonstrate health services compliant Quality Assurance standards without sacrificing agility.



Exlabs was first charged with maintenance and a phase out plan of a live alpha release of the DoctorLink product, without disrupting the operations of pre onboarded practises and thousands of live users. 


With this completed within just 3 months (vs 12 months as per the roadmap), we were able to augment the best practise within the broader DoctorLink team and take a leading role in the design of the QA processes and team for scale, which was an essential milestone on the broader launch roadmap. 



Robust and cost-effective Quality Assurance department with a finetuned balance between automation and human interaction.  With DoctorLink certified and successfully deployed onto the NHS N3 network, Medvivo was able to focus on international expansion. 


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