Key takeaways for Cloud Transformation
after AWS Summit London

Last Wednesday with our partners from we took part in AWS Summit conference in London which brought together over 6,000 tech professionals to learn about AWS toolkit. Here’s what every business should takeaway from it.

Cloud is the new norm…

As Gavin Jackson, Managing Director of AWS for EMEA region emphasised, a Cloud is now just a standard of Digital Economy. Whether you are SMB, large enterprise or a startup, Digital Transformation is now a requirement for business survival with Cloud being a key to it.

…and AWS owns the cloud

AWS with over 90 developer tools and services on its developer platform became the fastest growing cloud provider and clearly outperforms competitors with not just capabilities, but also prices, making switching to it a no-brainer.

Also, it’s worth to notice how Amazon encapsulates its customer-oriented products into developer tools, with AWS Lex and Polly being a great example of services running on the same deep learning technologies as Alexa.

It’s all about the customer first

Adopting DevOps and Continuous Delivery is not about fulfilling dreams of IT geeks but allowing businesses to operate closer to the customer, by eliminating infrastructure layer and delivering software faster. This trend is really about democratising software development – allowing developers to focus on building features will result in better products.

Shift to DevOps is about changing your team culture

Companies will need to adopt new technical processes and skills but more important is a how your team embraces the values and culture behind DevOps. Managing this non-linear process requires shifting from Projects to Products mindset.

Companies will need to build cross-functional, product-focused teams and move away from traditional central functional teams.

If you want to learn more about AWS and see why your company needs to jump into cloud revolution trend, I highly recommend you to watch this AWS Summit Keynote.